Journey to Theatre and the Dramatic Arts: College Admissions & Programs




Theatres struggled during the pandemic but the public’s hunger to be inspired and uplifted by talented artists continues to exist. If you are driven to pursue theatre, go for it! When you know the path you want to take, boldly go. This guidebook includes 74 school profiles and offers valuable insights, internships, and inspiration for your career behind the stage. 


There is no other book like this one anywhere. After years of working with talented artists, finally, this book is here to help you. Inspired by my enthusiastic students who overcame unprecedented challenges, this college-focused book provides research, data, tidbits, profiles, admissions data, portfolio requirements, and scholarship information. “The show must go on” led talented students on this exciting journey. 


This book contains everything you need to know for your future in the innovative and immersive world of musical theatre, dramatic arts, themed entertainment, television, and film. Extraordinary actors work tirelessly to create drama and magic onstage. The colleges profiled here are some of the most creative in the industry!!!


Your great ideas and talent are needed to infuse captivating mystery, suspenseful intrigue, and hilarious humor. Look through these pages for colleges that will take you where you want to go.

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