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Journey to Photography and Journey to Theatre and the Dramatic Arts

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Lizard Publishing creates, designs, produces, and distributes books and resources to provide academic, admissions, and career information. We encourage and support students, educators, and counselors to author their own books through our editing, marketing, promotional, and distribution methods. We work with educational leaders who transform the educational landscape to publish relevant content and advise students regarding their educational and professional options, with the aim of developing 21st century learners, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Journey to 3D Art & Design

Journey to Illustration and Comic Book Design

Journey to Graphic Design, Advertising, & Public Relations

Journey to Industrial & Product Design

Journey to Fashion Merchandising

Journey to Fashion Design

Journey to Photography

Journey to Drawing & Painting

Journey to Costume Design & Technical Theatre

Journey to Musical Theatre

Journey to Theatre and the Dramatic Arts

Journey to Architecture

Physician Assistant School Profiles

Pharm.D. School Profiles

Osteo School Profiles

Medical School Profiles

Vet School Profiles

This comprehensive, one-of-a-kind full-color book offers school-specific profiles, lists, and data to make good decisions.

Vet School

This comprehensive, one-of-a-kind full-color admissions handbook offers valuable information to plan, organize, prepare, and decide.

Dental School

Written by experts in the dental admissions process, this illuminating book provides data to make informed decisions about your future

From High School to Medical School: The Ultimate Guide to BS/MD Programs

From High School to Medical School

This one-of-a-kind book provides maps, charts, data, financing, and contact information in an authoritative resource.

What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admissions

This book is presented to shine a light on agents and what you need to know before you sign a contract. Contained in this quick read book is valuable information to know so that individuals can make better decisions about who to hire and the danger of being pulled into an unethical scheme.

I Graduated With A Degree In Business, Now What?

This book provides tailored and relevant information that address common questions such as “Is a business degree worth it?” or “Do I have to go to graduate school?”.

America Bound

With an increasing amount of international students, particularly from China, pursuing an education in the United States, the challenges that they experience while in the U.S. are apparent. This book concludes both ways that students and colleges can improve the college experience of Chinese students.

Entrepreneurship: 10 Keys to Success

Entrepreneurship: 10 Keys to Success is for the innovator, app developer, clothing designer, service provider, artist, or anyone else who has created a design, manufactured a product, or provides a service. This series provides a helpful and resourceful guide for turning your visions into reality.


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