Pharmacy School Profiles: Pharmacy School Admissions Data and Analysis


Demand for pharmacists in healthcare settings continues to rise with increased focus on patient care and clinical pharmacotherapy. Changes in the profession and growth in the number of pharmacy schools has altered the field considerably. During the pandemic, issues regarding access to medicines, administration of tests, health disparity, and destitute poverty heightened. For dedicated students with a strong moral fabric, pharmacy school admission is difficult but not impossible.


When you know your path, you need a strategy and a guide to assist in reaching your goal. GPA, prerequisites, eLORs, PCAT, resume, clinical experience, research, leadership, interviews, and life stories are but a few considerations. If you have a keen interest in human anatomy and physiology, disease diagnostics, genetics, immunology, and cellular function, pharmacy school is the right place.


This one-of-a-kind book offers you information and resources covering the 140 accredited U.S. pharmacy schools. Organized by region, this handy guide is organized, thorough, and easy to follow, providing complete information on the PharmD schools to which you may apply. School lists, organized by various criteria, are provided in the back of the book. A companion book, Pharm.D. School: Preparation, Application, Admission goes along with this book that contains information describing the planning, testing, organization, and admissions process, which is also extremely useful. This book focuses on pharmacy school profiles costs, tidbits, lists, locations, opportunities, and college requirements.



With pandemic-inspired interest in medicine, medical schools have become increasingly competitive with a significant number of medical schools reporting a 25% increase in applicants. Some medical schools are tuition-free which adds to the appeal. According to the AAMC, ten schools’ admissions rates dropped below 3%. GPAs above 3.9 and MCAT scores above 520 are not uncommon at the top schools.

With more students starting early and with the quarantine that inspired many to put more time into studying and applying to more schools, the competitiveness increased. Still, medical schools are looking for best fit candidates with a passion for service and a drive to improve access to the underserved. With limited access to volunteerism students have found creative approaches to reach out into the community, discover virtual opportunities, and invent ways to help those with little access to healthcare services. 

This full-color, clearly organized book written by an expert in medical school admissions is designed to give you ideas for how you can stand out and get accepted. Helpful profiles, charts, and graphs allow for important comparisons and more effective decision-making. With an increasing need for healthcare professionals, you are in the right place. Your acceptance into medical school begins here.

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