Osteo School Profiles: Osteopathic Medical School Admissions Data and Analysis




Holistic osteopathic healthcare, treating the mind, body, and spirit, is a fast-growing area of medicine. Many individuals have discovered that manipulative medicine is a successful approach to treating a range of conditions and injuries. Human bodies have the extraordinary capability to heal. With a whole-person, lifelong approach to knowing and understanding patients, osteopathic medicine offers superb care focused less on medicines and surgeries and more on healing mechanisms, nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

Today, 26% of all medical students attend an osteopathic medical school and 11% of all physicians participate in osteopathic medicine. Most osteopathic physicians focus on primary care. However, many are now choosing specialties like emergency medicine, OBGYN, and anesthesiology. With an increasing need, a growing profession, and new osteopathic medical schools opening, you may find this avenue particularly appealing.

With this trend and new osteopathic medical schools opening to meet the healthcare needs of society, this book written by an expert in medical school admissions with nearly four decades of experience provides a valuable resource for you to understand the profession, create your educational plan, and consider osteopathic medical schools to suit your interests. This full-color resource will guide you on your pathway to your future career.

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